4 Cellulite Reduction Methods

Cellulite is human body's such a unique diseased condition; in which, there is caused, too much dimpling of skin; of those specific areas of human body, which contain lot of fat deposits, underneath the skin.

But, why dimpling occurs, when there is so much fat collection? Dimpling occurs because, this fat collection is not uniformly distributed underneath skin. It is distributed non-uniformly, which is responsible for dimpling of skin. On those, center points, where fat accumulation is less; but encircle area, surrounding them, are fattier; then, there occurs, dimple at those center points.

Liposuction is example of one such method, which some cellulite victims are opting for cellulite reduction. It is surgical method for fat reduction; but of fat collection, deep in skin. After listening, fat reduction method, people misperceive it and come home disappointed, when

doctor informed them; that it does not reduce underneath fat collection of cellulite and is of no use for cellulite reduction.

Methods in use to reduce cellulite are-

There are lot of methods of cellulite reduction; but most used, these days are following-

1. Cellulite creams-

Cellulite creams, are massage creams; used by so many, for cellulite reduction. Their biggest advantage, is that it is easy method of cellulite reduction. There occurs, no confusion; while cellulite sufferer, uses them at home. But, their biggest harm is their biggest disadvantage. And, that biggest harm is that; these creams sometimes contain those, constituents or chemicals; which are harmful for whole human body, when not made from herbal resources.

2. Spa-

Spa is herbal cellulite reduction method. Being herbal, its biggest advantage is that this method is not harmful; when you employ

it, for cellulite reduction. But, the biggest disadvantage of this method, is that it gives short term results; which last for 15 days to month. And, you have to repeat this method, every month.

3. Laser therapy-

Laser therapy is surgical method, doctors employing to cellulite patients; for their cellulite reduction. It is not like liposuction, which gives no results and not like spa, which gives short term results. It is advantageous, as it gives long term positive results; of cellulite reduction.

4. Exercise and right diet-

Exercise and right diet is very mandatory, for cellulite reduction and also for cellulite prevention. And, what is more advantage full effect of this method, that you can use it, along with other methods; like cellulite cream, spa or laser, that you are using for cellulite fat reduction.

Which method is right and gives best results in cellulite reduction?

Out of above 4 methods, the following 2 methods are right and gives best result, in cellulite reduction.

  • Laser therapy.
  • Exercise and right diet.

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