5 Skin Diseases Which Bad Emotional Health Cause

Being emotionally fit, is equally important for acquiring good skin health; as important being physically fit is. Good emotional health is as much pre-requisite for good skin; as much good fit body is, pre-requisite for good skin health.

So that means, if you do not maintain good emotional health; then it will certainly cause, certain harms to your skin. What harms or skin diseases, not being emotionally healthy can happen to your skin? Before I give answer of this question; do you know, how to know that you are in good emotional health or not?

  • Well answer to this is- if you are in happy mood and not feeling any fear, stress or not in any depressive state; then that means you are emotionally sound; that is to say, in emotional good health.
  • But, if you are not happy,
    mood upset continuously, feel fear, stress or in any kind of depressive state, from a long time
    ; then that means, you are not in good emotional health.

So being in, emotional good health is very essential; because if you are not; then as I said above, it causes certain harms to your skin. What harms or skin diseases being emotionally imbalanced; or not in, emotionally good health can cause to your skin, are as follow-

1) Cause inflammatory skin diseases-

Yes, it is true that being emotionally imbalanced can cause inflammatory skin diseases. If it is true that it causes inflammatory skin diseases; then which inflammatory skin diseases it cause? Well these are, urticaria, dermatitis, vitilago, various skin infections and psoriasis.

2) Acts as an obstacle, in healing of skin diseases from treatment-

No doubt, you would say, "When I am taking treatment for my skin disease; then, why I need to take care of my emotional health?" Well let me, convey you here; no doubt medical treatment helps in curing your skin problems; but, if you are relentlessly in bad emotional health; then it build an obstacle shield in your human body, which blocks medicinal treatment's skin disease curing effect. So, now you catch, why it acts as obstacle in healing of skin diseases from treatment.

3) Worsen the skin disease state-

Not only, being not in good emotional health causes

inflammatory skin diseases; but it also exacerbate the disease state of inflammatory skin diseases. If you are relentlessly emotionally upset, because of certain fear; then it delays skin disease healing. Not only, it delays the healing; but it also progresses the inflammatory disease towards worse stage.

  • For example- when you are emotionally disappointed and at that time, if you are suffering from acne; then, the number of pimples, you have on your face in emotional upset time period; increase in number as compared to, when you were emotionally happy.

4) Make your skin prone to age early-

3 harms I told you above; 1 is, it causes inflammatory skin disease; 2nd is, acts as obstacle in resolution of skin diseases and 3rd is, worsen the skin disease state. Do you know, what next harm it cause? Well next harm, which being in emotionally imbalanced health can cause; is that it make your skin prone to age early, prone to get wrinkled early.

5) Causes chronic diseases of skin-

Well like I said above, in 1st harm that it causes inflammatory skin diseases; then, is that the whole story? Well that is not, the whole story. It also causes certain chronic diseases of skin; for example- vitilago, psoriasis, chronic urticaria and the list goes on. And, not only it causes them; but also, worsen them and acts as an obstacle in their healing from treatment.

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