7 Health Tips To Reduce Cervical Spondylosis Pain To Great Extent

Cervical Spondylosis is such a problem of today's hi-tech life that,if you are a hi-tech geek that means, if you uses hi-tech gadgets, either for pleasure purpose or for work purpose, in sitting position for prolonged hours; then you can't escape yourself, from suffering from cervical spondylosis.
7 Health Tips To Reduce Cervical Spondylosis Pain to Great Extent
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In today's article I will tell you, 7 health tips that will help you, in coping with problem of cervical spondylosis and reducing it to great extent. But, before I tell you those health tips, do you know, what happens in cervical spondylosis problem? That means, if you are cervical spondylosis sufferer, what kind of health complaints, you would be facing?

Well, the kind of health complaints or symptoms, a cervical spondylosis victim, would be facing, torture of are-

1) Pain in neck, which in case of some patients is limited, to neck only; but in case of some patients, whose cervical spondylosis has

deteroriated the cervical verteberal system to great extent, they feel pain in neck, along with pain in shoulders and arms and a little bit of occipital headache, too.

2) Difficulty in bending neck, forward or twisting it, sideways. If patient tries to bend neck or twist, as told in above sentence he or she encounters lot of pain; for which he or she has to take some pain killer medicines, to reduce it.

3) Stiffness in neck area, especially back of neck; which can be decreased or increased in intensity, depnding upon the deteriration done, by cervical spondylosis.

4) Osteoarthritits of joints of cervical portion of spinal column, which has progressed towards degenerative stage. Bone spurs of cervical vertebrae,, have formed and interverabral discs of cervical portion of, neck of spinal column have degenerated, which are root cause of neck pain and bone spurs formed.

So, that was about symptoms of cervical spondylosis; but not causes of cervical spondylosis. Because, if I am going to discuss causes here; then that is, vast topic; I will discuss them, in some other article. So, moving onto

7 health tips that help in reducing and preventing cervical spondylosis problem, to great extent are-

First health tip- 

Yes, that is basic root cause of cervical spondylosis problem's birth; in human neck of living human. And, what is surprising, good news regarding this problem? The good news is that if you just correct your posture; you can stop this problem from taking birth, in your human neck. But question is, how to sit in right posture and which one is wrong posture? Well, answer to your this query is that just sit with neck, in straight position; that is, right posture and stop sitting with neck bend that is, wrong posture.

Second health tip-

If your work or enterainment source, require you to sit for prolonged hours;

then first atleast do not sit with neck bend and second atleast get up, from seat after; gap of 2 hours.

Third and fourth health tip-

Massage your neck with fingertips, either with a moisturizer or a herbal oil; recomended by your doctor. Fourth thing to do is, sleep with right pillow; neither too high nor too low because either of them can give birth to pain, in your neck of cervical spondylosis. The pillow should be of comfortable height.

Fifth health tip-

About work hours, you can't do thing; but at least you can avoid sitting in, front of entertainment source, for prolonged hours and go for that enterainment source, which make you, move around, the best exmaple, is playing outdoor games.

Sixth health tip-

Take right diet, avoid processed diet and take wholesome one. If you are suffering from cervical spondylosis pain on everyday basis because of your work, which requires prolonged sitting; then atleast make habit of sipping 1 glass pineapple juice, everyday in morning.

Seventh health tip-

Sun bath that is, massage back of your neck for atleast 10-15 minutes and after that sit in sunlight, with your neck's back side facing towards sun's face. Your will surprised to releaise at the that time, while you are sitting in sunlight that how quickly the discomfort of pain, stiffness of cervical spondylosis vanishes.

So that was all about today's article; but will update you, with next future health article, in coming days, very soon.

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