7 Instant Health Steps, To Treat Stress Quickly

When today out of time lack, every market product, is becoming instant solution; so that you buy them. Yes, companies these days, are making such products; which gives instant results because customers buying them, does not have time; to wait for late results.
7 Instant Health Steps, to Treat Stress Quickly
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Similar is the need of quick ways, to relieve stress rapidly. So, in today's article, I will discuss those instant stress relieving ways; which help in giving you, relief from stress quickly. So here comes, those instant health steps; which get you relief, from stress quickly-                                                                     

1) Watching your favorite movie, favorite show or favorite comedy video clip-

Yes, it is confirmed again and again, by repeated

experiments that watching your favorite movie, favorite T.V. show or favorite serial or favorite comedy video clip; release stress relieving hormones, in brain rapidly.

  • And these hormones, also provide you relief; from stress rapidly.
  • So, everything happens rapidly, release of stress reliving hormones, effect of stress relieving hormones; on watching your favorite movie or favorite TV show. It is best instant health step to treat stress.

2) Instant dose of moderate jokes-

So that was, 1st instant health step, to treat stress. Next comes, 2nd instant health step, which is instant dose of, moderate jokes and not heart breaking jokes. Yes, joke's main purpose is, to bring laughter on face and relief stress and not break heart. Therefore, have instant dose of, smile bringing moderate jokes and not heart breaking jokes.

3) Rapidly take 1 tablespoon of, honey or 1 piece of dark chocolate-

3rd instant health step, which gives you relief from stress, is this step. Try consuming, either 1 tablespoon of honey or 1 piece of dark chocolate; both of them, rapidly relief


4) Instant 1 cup of, coffee or 1 piece of chocolate pastry-

Yes, just like 3rd step, this 4th step also give you instant relief, from stress. So, if you are highly stressed; then try consuming 1 piece of, chocolate pastry; but if, you are moderately stressed; then try, 1 cup of coffee.

5) Instant head and foot massage, with oil-

Yes, this instant health step, also treat your stress rapidly; do massage with right oil, according to each season. And, which hair oil, you should use according to each season that I will told you, in next step.

6) Instant music therapy, every morning for 10 minutes-

Yes, instant stress relief, which this instant health step gives; nothing else can give. But just like 5th step, you need to choose right music and that is, mood enhancing songs and not depressing music, of sad songs.

7) Instant head spa or hand and foot spa treatment-

Yes, this instant health step, relief stress rapidly in few minutes; then in which ever season, you try it; its results are commendable, in every season. It has no season limitations.

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  • sumitdgr9  13-02-2015

    i have seen how the stress is very hard in these days and the life is to be get rid of stress. nice views to reduce is the best way to relax from it.

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