Do You Know Top Physiological Effects Stress Have On Human Beings?

Yes, today I will discuss with you 1 more topic of Psychiatry, "Physiological effects of stress".

What does that mean that stress have physiological effects?

Physiological effects of stress mean, those effects which stress produces on physiological plane of human body, that means it can affect physiology of human body.

How stress affects physiology of human body?

Stress affects physiology of human body by changing its normal way of functioning. Stress disturbs it and normal physiology of normal human body no more remains normal. It becomes abnormal physiology, due to this normal body shifting from normal human body condition to abnormal body condition.

Next question, that you would have in mind,

How to judge or identify these top abnormal physiological effects
stress has produced on human body?

Well you can easily identify these abnormal physiological effects, once you know them and examples of these top abnormal physiological effects of stress on human body are as follow-

  1. First effect is, abnormal liver functioning. Stress affected persons but not every stress affected person; but most of them say that food that they are eating is not getting digested properly. In some, it is either vomiting through which undigested food is coming out or there is occurring frequent diarrhea episodes or constipation is occurring. Frequent diarrhea episodes or constipation has become daily incidence, since stress has come into their life.
  2. Stress is either inhibiting craving for normal food, which you day to day eat, due to which you have stopped eating daily in one or two meal sessions; or it is elevating craving for something, which you otherwise normally does not eat, due to which you have started eating food for which craving has increased more, which you

    usually do not eat. Examples of such cravings are individualized in everybody. Some feel craving for salty things and some for sweet things and some for sour things and some feel no cravings for normal food. And, some want to eat more fatty food, because of elevated craving for fatty food and some want to eat fried things, due to their craving getting increased for fried food.
  3. Some start feeling pain more in stomach or intestines and some have more frequent migraine episodes in head.
  4. Some start experiencing hallucinations and some anxiety more, whereas some start reacting rapidly to anything asked to them, which stress affected that individual does not react to, when he was not affected by stress. And, some who were earlier very reactive, now have become non-reactive since stress has come into their life.
  5. Some starts having more coryza episodes, some starts having frequent enuresis episodes and some starts having some skin complaint, since stress has become part of their day to day life.

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