Do You Know What Rumination Actually Is?

Rumination is topic of today's article. Yes, do you know what rumination is? What this term mean and to what thing it is related? Well, just to give a clue to you in this paragraph rumination is related to human emotions. Yes, to human emotions. How it is related to human emotions and what it actually is that is told in rest of the article.

Well, starting with fact, what actually is rumination? What is called rumination? Well answer to this is that rumination is diseased state of human mind in which this disorder affected person while trying to figure out things which went wrong in past; over and over again with lapse of time; if starts thinking negative and brooding on everyday basis; then this diseased state of mind is called rumination.

Well, there is nothing wrong in rephrasing past incidence in mind to figure out things which went wrong in past; as sometimes it gives positive measures to correct things which went wrong and

these positive measures help in preventing things from going wrong again. Well, there is nothing wrong here when it is giving you positive feedback; but when it starts giving you brooding and negative thinking and make you more stressed, instead of giving positive feedback; then it is not normal, then it is a diseased state of mind called rumination.

Well, above is just glimpse of rumination which I told you above. There is more; it has one more type. And, what is that one more type?

That one more type is co-rumination. What is co-rumination and is it similar to rumination or different from it? Well, being a type of rumination, it is a little bit similar to rumination in fact that in it also affected human being try to get figure out things which went wrong in past on every day and with time goes into negative thinking and brooding phase. But, it is different from rumination in fact that in rumination person figure out things in his mind alone; but in co-rumination he takes helps of others and try to figure out thing with others and instead of getting some positive feedback; if co-rephrasing the incidence with others,

if make affected person and others stressed;
then that is called co-rumination.

So, is it clear to you now that, if while figuring out things which went wrong in past; if you get positive feedback and solution of problem; then that is normal; but if while figuring out thing went wrong in past on everyday basis and it does not give you any positive result or solution; instead if it make you more stressed and give back negative thinking and brooding as feedback; then that is not normal and is called rumination.

If it is clear to you, let’s move to next thing related to rumination and that is harms of rumination. Yes, what are harms of rumination? Harms of rumination are-

Three harms of rumination I already told you above which are-

  1. Make you more stressed.
  2. Make you thinking negative about everything.
  3. And brooding all time with no peace of mind.

So, let's know rest of harms which are-

  1. Make you more stressed, instead of cheering up.
  2. Make you more pessimist kind of person due to negative thinking; affected person starts not responding to any new opportunity which requires action.
  3. Stress generated out of rumination, if in excess; then it can affect your rest of body by giving birth to diseases in certain organs of body along with affecting your mind.

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