Health Benefits Of Jaggery

Jaggery also known as “Gurh” in Punjab in India, is very sweet delicacy; made from sugarcane juice. Yes, much sweet delicacy, it tastes on eating; that much good, it is for health. This is because, it has so many health benefits. Also, it does not harm your health; as it is not refined sweet delicacy.

It is unrefined and whole form sweet delicacy and because of its non-refined form, it enriches you with health benefits; when you eat it. Jaggery has a set of health benefits; in fact, it have many. But I mentioning below, only major health benefits of jaggery; minor health benefits of it, I will describe in some other article.

Detoxifies human body blood –

Yes, jaggery detoxifies human blood. If you eat a small piece of it, thrice a week; then antioxidants present in it, detoxifies free radicals, out of your body.

  • Free radicals are, major health destroyer and premature aging causer too. If
    eating a small piece of jaggery, detoxifies your blood of them
    ; then why not eat it?
  • You can make tea of jaggery, if you love sipping that; because tea of it, gives as much detoxification effect; as much, its pure solid form gives.

Does not raise, your blood glucose level –

Yes, major health benefit of eating jaggery is that it does not raise blood glucose level; which other refined sweet delicious cause. Because, it is non-refined sweet delicacy; so you can, eat it without any tension, thrice a week.

  • As it being, unrefined form of sweet, does not raise your blood glucose; on the opposite, it nourishes your human body, with its major vital nutrients.

Supplies antioxidants to human body –

Yes, jaggery delivers antioxidants to your human body; when you eat it. So, if you do not have brown sugar at home, which is non-refined form of sugar; then you can use, jaggery for making sweet recipes, in

place of white sugar.

  • Yes, it is as much beneficial for health; as much, non refined white sugar is because it is non refined form of sweet.

Prevents cough and coryza, if taken along with ground nut –

Yes, it prevents cough and coryza; if you eat it, along with ground nut. And, it also prevents thirst which happens after eating groundnut. So, eat jaggery along with ground nut, to avoid thirst quench; which happens after eating jaggery.

Delivers calcium, potassium, starch and magnesium dose to human body–

Yes, it delivers above nutrients to your human body, when you eat it; like it delivers, antioxidants to your body.

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  • raheelzia  03-12-2014

    Gurh is not onlya healthy additon to your diet but is also quite an "energy provider" to fight against the tough conditions in Punjab. I love to eat it during the breakfast and after the dinner. Using Gurh with Paratha in the morning makes you feel as energetic as ever. For those who are facing diabetic issues should stay away from the frequent use of ;

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