How To Differentiate Seasonal Vegetables From Non-seasonal Vegetables?

In earlier articles, I told you, which are seasonal vegetables and which are not; by giving their list. Today, I will tell you, how to identify seasonal vegetables from non-seasonal by their different features?

Yes, in case you forget list of seasonal vegetables and does not remember, which vegetables come under which season; then what to do in that case? Well in that case, you can differentiate seasonal vegetables from non-seasonal vegetables; by their different features. Differentiating seasonal vegetables from non-seasonal vegetables theoretically, I will tell you here; with examples of some vegetable’s features in both in season and out of season.

But, benefit of knowing this difference is of some use only; when you do it practically in vegetable market while purchasing vegetables; because once you done this differentiation practically, you would not forget

it in your life. So, here comes, how can you differentiate seasonal vegetables from non-seasonal vegetables by their different features-

1) From length of some vegetables-

Yes, you can differentiate some vegetables from their length; for example, carrots, radish, coriander, spinach, peppermint you get in season, are much longer in length as compared to non-seasonal ones.

2) From size of some vegetables-

Second way, you can differentiate seasonal vegetables from non-seasonal vegetables; is through difference in their size in different seasons. For example, cabbage, capsicum, cauliflower you buy in non-season are smaller in size; whereas, those of season are bigger in size.

3) From color of some vegetables-

Yes, you can differentiate, which vegetable is seasonal and which is not; from difference in their color. For example, the carrots you buy in their season winter are, red in color; whereas carrots you buy, out of season

are orange in color.

4) From aroma of certain vegetables-

Certain vegetables spread their aroma in kitchen, when placed in it; when they are seasonal. But, when they are out of season; they do not leave that aroma in kitchen, nor when you smell it closely. So, it is another way of differentiating vegetables from their aroma.

5) From difference in taste-

Seasonal vegetables can be differentiated from non-seasonal, from their difference in taste. For example- peas, when non-seasonal in summer; tastes bitter; whereas in season winter, they are sweet in taste.

6) From moisture content in vegetables-

Seasonal vegetables are much juicer than non-seasonal vegetables. For example, non-seasonal radish, carrots, ginger you buy in summer are much dried; whereas seasonal radish, carrots and ginger found in their season winter are much juicer.

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