How Ebola Virus Disease Has Created So Much Havoc?

Earlier it was swine flu who spread havoc in 2009 and now it is Ebola virus in year 2013 and 2014.

It is not like that this virus was not there in earth’s environment before 2013 and 2014 year; it was there, but was not as havoc as it is at present.

What does that mean that it was not as much havoc as it is at present? That means, it was there in year 1976 in one village of Central Africa, near its one river named Ebola River; but it has not created that much terrifying and havoc full endemic at that time in 1976, that it has created presently.

But, how it has created so much havoc now? It has created

havoc from its rapid mode of spread. Yes, rapid mode of spread; but what is this rapid mode of spread? This rapid mode of spread is its way of transmission, through which it spreads. What is its way of transmission through which it spreads so rapidly? Well to inform you, just read here clearly and right that its way of transmission is not only one; it is more than one. Yes, it spreads by more than one route.

But, what are it’s, these more than one disease virus spread routes? Well these disease virus spread route of this disease are-

  1. Contagious- That is, it spread through contagious route; that is it can spread from direct close contact with infected person or Ebola virus infected things.
  2. Second route- is through transfusion of body fluids like blood

    from infected person transfused to person who require blood because of his or her disease.

So, are these only two routes which spread this Ebola virus disease? No, these are not only transmission route which is spreading the disease. If these are not only two routes which are spreading this disease, then what are other routes? Well, there is one more route, which has come forward for spread of disease and that is-

  • Air borne- Yes air borne route, which has come forward in certain areas of earth, which is spreading this disease there by air borne mode.

Yes, it is difference between havoc of Ebola virus in year 1976 and in years 2013 and 2014 years. In 1976, this virus spread the disease only by above 2 methods; but now it is spreading the Ebola virus disease in certain areas of earth by this third route, which has been tackled now, somehow but has created panic and havoc somehow everywhere.

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