How Having A Purpose In Life, Increases Your Life Age Span?

Yes, having dream in life, is as much important; as much important, is to have good health. Yes, having dream or purpose to fulfill in life is that much important; as much vital, is to have health provisions; which help in maintaining good health.

But, why it is so necessary? Having a purpose in life or dream to fulfill; in life, prolongs years of your life. But, is it the only benefit of having a dream or aim to a purpose to fulfill in life? No, it has so many benefits. Some of these benefits, are emotional health benefits and some are physical health benefits, which are given below-

1) Make life easy emotionally-

Yes, 1st emotional health benefit, of having aim or purpose or dream to fulfill; in your life is that it makes your life easy; as you know, a directional plan of your

life; which you chart according to, how you will be going to fulfill your life aim or will work out or achieve your life purpose.

  • Spending every day of your life, without an aim or life purpose or dream to fulfill in life; seems very long, seems like huge task.
  • But, if you have dream to fulfill; then each day is spent to fulfill that dream and when you finished your whole day or how fastly your day spent; you won’t not know yourself.

2) Keep emotional strength in you-

To face difficult emotional phases of life, like depression phases and anxiety phases; you need emotional strength. Yes, having a dream purpose or aim in life to fulfill; give you emotional strength, to achieve that dream.

  • No doubt, you get weakened by anxiety and depression phases of your life; but as you know, you have a dream to fulfill; then it will motivate you, to not lose hope in mind and keep emotional strength strong and does not let it, get weakened because you have dream ahead, to fulfill in your life.

3) Increase your confidence level-

Yes, having a dream or aim to fulfill in your life; increases your confidence level, when you achieve it and when you dream it. Because, when you have dream to fulfill in your life; then it keeps your emotional strength strong, which keep feeding your confidence and increases

it, from getting lowered.

4) Saves you from, getting emotionally cheated-

Sometimes, aim of your life, saves you from getting emotionally cheated because to save your dream or to make way to fulfill your dream; sometimes, you fight so well that some cheater people, are not able to cheat you emotionally; which otherwise might have cheated you, when you have not fought with them, out of no reason to fight back; because of, lack of life aim.

  • But, when you have life purpose; then it automatically builds up strength in you to fight them and win over them and hence, sharpens your emotional intelligence, which is also known emotional life experience.

5) Keep your whole health in good state-

Yes, having a life purpose in your life or dream to achieve in life; not only give you above emotional health benefits; but covers whole health. And hence, keep your whole health in good state; by giving emotional as well as physical health benefits.

  • By keeping your immune health in good state- It keeps your whole health in good state; by keeping your immune health, in good state; by keeping your emotional health, in good state.
  • Yes, when you are emotionally healthy- then your immune system remains healthy, whole health remains good; and then, less number of disease affect you. And, when less number of diseases affect you, then number of years you live, increase. That is to say, your age life span increases, you live longer.

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