How Health Disorders Caused By Heavy School Bag Can Be Reduced?

Yes, today's acknowledgment full article is on this topic.

Excessively heavy school bags cause health disorders in school children; today, discussion will be on subject, "How health disorders caused by heavy school bag can be prevented?"

Yes, today, we will chart out ways that how health aliments caused by heavy school bag can be reduced. Solution of problem requires implementation, not only just discovering it is enough. Similar is for reduction of health issues caused by heavy school bag carrying. Yes, their reduction not only requires discovery of solution of problem; but also implementation of solution.

And, that solution consists of implementing some steps in school routine which where earlier missing

in school routine.

And, these health steps, which help in preventing health aliments caused by heavy school bag in children are-

1. Health step number one- School needs to re-schedule their study sessions such way that school children no longer have to carry heavy bags. Instead, of carrying all books and copies on every school day; study sessions should be scheduled such that school children carry only one third of their total books and copies of their studies on one day, other one third on another day and rest of one third on one specified day. That is, books and copies need to be disturbed days wise in school time table; to reduce carrying all books and copies on each school day.

2. But, if due to some reasons they have to carry heavy weight; then school needs to make some safe arrangements, where children can keep their heavy

books and copies; which they need to carry every day and also are responsible for making their school bag heavier. This was health step number second, that is, shift everyday heavy weight into safe arrangments.

3. But, question is that what should be ideal weight of school bag? How much it should weight normally, which does not cause health problems in students carrying them? It should weigh only 1.8 Kg not more than that. This is, health step number third.

4. Health step number four- Strap of school bag should be thicker and broader one; as thinner and less broad one put strain on shoulder and neck.

5. Health step number five- Child should be advised, both by parents and school teachers to use both straps of school bags; as using only one will cause health problems.

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  • joeldgreat  18-08-2014
    when my kids are still at grade school, this is one of their need to carry all their books and notebooks everyday as the subjects are on daily they have a good bags, they still need to carry it on their room which is located on the second for the tips and hopefully other parents would read this and learn from
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