How Health Standards Of Humans Can Be Raised Up?

Health is such a gem, which every human should possess; if, he or she does not want to be victim of illness. Yes, to save oneself from state of illness; one need to maintain optimum health standards, to retain health in good state.

But, question is, how health standards of humans, can be raised up; to maintain optimum state of health? Well, for that humans have to do some health tasks, which will help in raising health standards, of every human. And, these tasks are-

1) Doing exercise task-

Yes, exercise task is that task, which people are forgetting; now even in rural areas, which their earlier do unknowingly, in their work. Earlier people were forgetting exercise task, in urban area; but not rural people forgetting it. Earlier, only urban people had to be remind of, exercise task; as

they, always keep on hooked to, their TV or video games. But, now with entrance of cable TV channels, in villages; now even, rural people keep on hooked to their TV sets; as they, now have, plethora of cable TV channels to watch. Earlier, rural people, keep on hooked to their work and do their rural task, which involved, lot of exercise.

2) By eating balanced diet-

Eating balanced diet, is very important for humans; to maintain their health standards. For this, always sticking to pizza eating, one should avoid on daily basis. Because, college youngsters have daily habit of, munching on pizza and unbalanced fast food. They ignore balanced diet eating.

On some days, they should eat vegetable meal; on some days, they should eat pulses meal and on some days, they should eat protein meal. Pizza or fast food, college students should eat, only once a month; if they really want to, maintain their health standards and do not want to be victim of illness.

style="background:#eee; border:1px solid #ccc; padding:5px 10px">3) By growing crops, not in monotony-

These days, there have become trend to grow crops in monotony, to increase profits. But, earlier crops were grown, not in monotony. Two to three crops were grown in fields, earlier. This should be followed now too. And, Government should advise on it, because it raises health standards of humans, by maintaining balanced proportion of all crops and not a single crop. From this, balanced proportion of crops; humans consume balanced nutrition, from all these crops; instead of consuming single nutritive element, from single crop.

4) Routine Health Screening Checkups-

Yes, routine health checkup screenings, is such a very crucial health task; which every human should get done, once in 6 months or once in a year. This is necessary because, if any silent illness happens, which shows no diagnostic symptoms; but deteriorate human body inside; can be diagnosed early and right treatment can be started early, to improve prognosis and recovery rate from illness.

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