How To Identify 5 Different Types Of Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a common aliment usually complained very much by people especially in developing countries. It is also prevalent in developed countries, but most victims of it are found statistically more in developed countries. What is diarrhea? Diarrhea is an aliment in which a human suffers from acute episodes of 3 or more liquid stools in a day. But, that is not all, there are also 5 different types of diarrhea.

Yes, diarrhea is of 5 different types. But question is, how you can identify them? You can identify each type of diarrhea with help of their signs and symptoms, which the human sufferers of each type of diarrhea manifest. The various signs and symptom particularly manifested specifically found occurring among 5 specific types of diarrhea sufferers are as follow, which help you in identifying each type of diarrhea are-

  1. First type, secretory diarrhea.
  2. Second type, osmotic diarrhea.
  3. Third type, exudative diarrhea.
  4. Fourth type, motility related diarrhea.
  5. Fifth type, inflammatory type diarrhea.


  1. First type- secretory diarrhea- First identification sign, which help in identification of secretory diarrhea is
    that it occurs when even no food is consumed orally by mouth of sufferer of this type. Second identification sign is, cholera toxin found in secretory diarrhea sufferers which is its causative agent. Third identification sign is, active secretion of chloride ions which also eliminates sodium ions along with it which in medical language means NaCl is not absorbed in human intestines, instead it get eliminated in stool and that too in excess.
  2. Osmotic diarrhea, second type- First identification sign of osmotic diarrhea is that patient suffering from it usually complaints that they are having osmotic diarrhea after consuming lot of sugary or salty drinks. Second identification sign which its patients usually complains is that it result out of consumption of increased dosage of magnesium or vitamin. Third identification sign is, undigested lactose found as cause among its patients.
  3. Exudative diarrhea, third type- only identification sign of this diarrhea is that people are usually chronic or acute sufferers of either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis inflammatory disease.
  4. Motility related diarrhea, fourth
    acute sign very much complained by acute sufferers of this diarrhea is that they are having stools immediately after consuming food. Second identifier sign, on stool test found that nutrients of food and water is not absorbed properly. Third most important sign is, patients of this diarrhea usually are chronic sufferers of chronic diseases like either of hyperthyroidism or of diabetic neuropathy.
  5. Inflammatory diarrhea, fifth type- very important sign found among suffers of this diarrhea on x-ray, USG or MRI that brush border of mucosal lining of human intestines is damaged. Second identifier sign, on stool test, lot of protein secretion in stool. Third identifier sign is, human body’s fluid loss, patient lost lot of weight since suffering, dehydration is there.

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  • Dr.Simran  09-07-2014
    Yes, juny and mylindaelliott, there are such 5 types of diarrhea. Mylindaelliott and juny thanks to both of you for appreciating the article.
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  • mylindaelliott  07-07-2014
    I didn't realize there were so many types of ; The signs of each one are quite clear ; Good information.
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  • juny  07-07-2014
    This is very helpful and informative. Didn't know these types of diarrhea. Thanks for sharing and I am sure, every one must read this too.
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