How Many Causes Of Premature Hair Greying Are There?

Premature hair greying incidence among people increasing; just like obesity incidence is increasing.

But, question is, what thing is making its incidence to increase so rapidly? What are causes behind?

Causes behind increase of premature hair greying are many. Some are genetic causes and some are acquired. So, here comes list of causes of premature hair greying which are-

  1. Genetic- Under genetic causes comes, disorder related to that particular gene, which regulates hair health. Some defect in that gene's functioning or disorder related to that gene's functioning can cause premature hair greying. And, that's not it, genetic cause's major sad point is that it got inherited to your children from one generation to next generation
    too and this genetic cause difficult to cure completely but can be temporarily resolved. That's why genetic treatment runs so long because it cannot be permanently cured but its premature hair greying symptoms can be temporarily prevented.
  2. Acquired causes- Under acquired causes comes a huge list of acquired causes after birth; which causes premature hair greying and those causes are-  
  • Acquired cause number 1- Yes, eating wrong food which is rich in preservatives, refined foods and contains synthetic food colors causes premature hair greying.
  • Acquired cause number 2- Yes, no hair care, not properly washing hairs, not using right shampoo, not moisturizing hairs before shampoo with overnight oiling and after shampoo with conditioner can cause premature hair greying. So, never ignore your hair care. Ignoring hair care can cost you premature hair greying.
  • Not exercising can cost you not only obesity but also premature hair greying. It is acquired cause number 3. Proper blood circulation is equally necessary for good hair color and to prevent premature hair greying. Exercise improves blood

    circulation and by not exercising, you are missing this improved blood circulation's good effect on hairs. And, inviting premature hair greying; by not gaining good improved blood circulation; by not doing exercise.
  • Stress is acquired cause number 4 which is another culprit for premature hair greying.
  • Unbalanced diet which is deficient in nutrients required for good hair color, is acquired cause number 5; which causes premature hair greying.
  • Acquired cause number 6- Melanocytes are cells which produce hair color. Their death prematurely before age is one another acquired cause, which causes premature hair greying.

So, that was all regarding both genetic as well acquired causes of premature hair greying.

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  • pinakinmt  22-08-2014
    What you said in your article regarding genetic disorders is absolutely ; I am facing the same ; My hair has gone grey right from the age of ; They are absolutely white ; My parents too faced the same problems.
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