How Much Essential, Intermittent Breaks Are In Your Life?

Sometimes, when we are so much depressed in life and we go to doctor, for solution of our depression; most often, they recommend that we should go on holiday; to some new place. But why do, they recommend so? They recommend so because intermittent breaks, from routine life; have healing effect, which help in treating depression, of your life.

So today, we will discuss, what are benefits of intermittent breaks in your life? How much, these benefits help you, in your life? How much essential, intermittent breaks are, in every human's life? And why one should, take it from time to time?                   

Well the benefits, which intermittent breaks have and how these benefits, help you; in fact help, every human, are given below; one and one. And these benefits, are also soul reason; why every human, should have, intermittent breaks, in their life-

1) Remove stressors, out of your life-

Yes, it is

1st benefit, of intermittent breaks and this benefit, also acts as health benefit because it removes, major health problem of; every human and that problem, is stress.

  • Yes, stressors have tendency, to produce damaging effect; on your health and make you victim of, sometimes physical stress and sometimes, emotional stress.
  • Intermittent breaks, in your life from daily routine, help a lot; in removing stressors and their effect, out of your life.

2) Clear, creative thinking blockers-

As a writer, musician or as an interior decorator, you must have felt it; sometimes that creative ideas, are not coming; into your mind. And due to, this creative thinking blockage, you are not able to give, your best in your work; not even a minimum creative output, in your creative work.

  • Best treatment for it, is having intermittent breaks, in your life.
  • That is, why it is often recommended, not to work on every day, of week and have an intermittent break, of at least 1 to 2 days, in the end days of a week;
  • to keep your creative thinking flowing, giving you best creative output.

3) Brings forth, those solutions which you have not, even think of-

Yes it is often noticed, by everybody in their life that certain big problems, have certain simple solutions; which

were not coming into our mind, on routine working; but on weekend day, this simple solution, automatically start coming into your mind.

  • Do you know, why this solution come into our mind, on intermittent holiday break and not, on working days?
  • This is because intermittent break, have healing properties; to treat, creative thinking blockage and let your, creative thinking discover these solutions; which were earlier blocked, by creative thinking blockage.

4) Sometimes, they are actual solutions, of your present problem-

Yes sometimes, they are actual solutions of your problems because sometimes, your everyday circumstances are acting as maintaining cause of your problem; which is bringing exciting cause of, your present problem; again and again.

  • In such situations, maintaining cause which is bringing; those exciting cause, need to be removed and maintaining cause, here is your everyday circumstances; from which intermittent break is, actual solution of your present problem.
  • Because this, intermittent break, will remove maintaining cause and so do, exciting cause; which they bring forth.

5) Mind peace, which they give, is commendable-

Yes, you most often, have felt it yourself that mind peace, which intermittent breaks gives you; is soul reason, why they are recommended to you; by mind healers, doctors, psychologist and even, by your elders that have intermittent break of, 1 to 2 day at weekend and enjoy, the mind peace; which they give.

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