How To Prevent Deficiency Diseases In Women?

Certain deficiency diseases, which occur more in women; today, we will discuss how to tackle them?

Yes, today we will discuss how to prevent deficiency diseases in women? Deficiency diseases in women can be prevented through following 5 ways and they are as follow, starting with-

1. Number one way- is exercising, exercising in form of morning walk is number one way; as it removes the mental stress of multi-work of managing family, home chores in case of housewifes and home chores, family  and work in case of working women. Exercising in form of morning walk removes out mental stress as well as physical stress born out of multi-work schedule of women.

2. Number second way is right

diet- Yes, second way is consumption of right diet that means balanced diet. Deficiency of minerals like calcium and iron and vitamins like folic acid, which occur due to their menstrual cycle should be appropriate in diet you consume. That is, more of calcium containing vegetables and iron containing vegetables and fruits should be consumed by them.

  • Such foods which contain more of calcium is green vegetables among vegetables, banana among fruits and raisins among dry fruits and milk among dairy foods. Similarly, others fruits and vegetables which contain more of nutrient elements which is deficient in women should be consumed. But, special inclusion should be made of foods rich in calcium and iron and folic acid as their deficiency occur more in women. Calcium rich foods, I have told you; iron rich foods are green vegetables, yellow fruits and vegetables, red fruits and vegetables.

3. Number third way- As, women do more multi-task than

men; so they need more energy, to combat energy needs of women, more of complex carbohydrates should be consumed than refined carbohydrates.

4. Number fourth way is- As, women need more energy than men; that does not mean consume all of whole day meal at one time or increase size of three time meal. Instead, of increasing size of meal, they should increase number of meals and decrease duration of gap between two meals. That is, women should have instead of three meals, should have small six meals. That means, 2 frequent small meals between breakfast and lunch and one frequent small meal between lunch and dinner.

5. Number fifth way is- Women should include at least one juice or shake in summer and monsoon and green tea in winter.

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  • goldstay  16-08-2014
    This is a great learning insight for women. They need more vitamins and minerals than men because of the active hormonal processes as they age and after giving birth.
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