How To Take Care Of Your Skin, When There Occurs Seasonal Change To Winter?

In my previous articles, I repeatedly told you, so many health steps; for taking care of your whole body health. But, today's article, will be specially targeted on topic; "How to take care of your skin, when there occurs seasonal change to winter?"

Yes, in today's article I will elaborate some specific skin care steps; which you must not miss, during seasonal change to winter. In fact, these specific skin care steps, one should make daily regime; when season is changing to winter. But, why it is so urgent; to make these steps, daily regimen? This is urgent, because skin's immune health, is more vulnerable to damage during season change.

1. Bath with lukewarm water and mild glycerin soap-

Yes, it is 1st specific skin care step, which you must include in your daily regimen. You first need to

replace cool water, you were using for bathing in summers and monsoon; with lukewarm water. And, along with change in bath water; you need to use cream based or oil based soap, in place of glycerin soap; when season changes to winter. Change to cream based or oil based soap is needed; to supplement moisture content, to human skin; as it dries, more during seasonal change to winner.

2. Never forget to moisturize your skin-

Yes, moisturizing your skin is 1 such task; which you need to include in your daily regimen. It is needs to be included in daily regimen; because as I said above that human skin dries more during seasonal change to winter; so you cannot afford to miss moisturization of skin. You can skip to moisturize your skin, in summer and monsoon for some days; but in winter or when weather is changing to winter; you can cannot afford to skip this step. You need to moisturize your skin daily.


Take out some time for hand and foot spa-

Yes, hand and foot are more to vulnerable to seasonal change harms; because they are those body parts, who are exposed most to seasonal change; but still their care is most often given a sidetrack. But, actually they should not be side tracked; in fact, their take care should be made 1st priority. So, therefore, take out some time for hand and foot spa; to strengthen immune system and health of hand and foot.

4. Most important step- Never forget to apply sunscreen-

Yes, 4th important step, which people often omit to do is to apply sunscreen; because sunlight give them, comfort of warmth; during seasonal change to winter. No doubt, sunlight give warmth comfort, in seasonal change to winter; but that does not mean that skin damaging UVA and UVB rays are filtered out. No, they are not filtered out; they still come on earth, as they come in other seasons and cause skin damage. So, to protect your skin during seasonal change to winter; never forget to apply sunscreen on your skin.

5. Wear right clothes and eat seasonal diet-

Wear seasonal clothes, with cotton in base layer and eat seasonal diet, to maintain good skin health.

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