How Seeds Keep Human Body Healthy

Let’s, start journey of how seeds keep human body healthy. Fasten your seat belts, journey of how seeds keep human body healthy is about to start.

So, starting our journey, first of all, do you know, seeds are store house of nutrients for plants? Yes, it is seed from which plant gets its whole nourishment and also it is seed from which whole plant develops. Since, time of our ancestor’s seeds had proven their worth time and again as nutrient rich store given by nature to us.

The counting of health benefits which seeds got are unlimited. How they benefit human body? Which health improving nutrients seeds provide? Seeds have proven their worth in preventing various diseases since ancient time. How seeds contribute in keeping human body

healthy? Seeds contribute in keeping human body healthy in following ways:-

1) Seeds contribute in health improvement of human body by giving human body vital dose of minerals. One of them is zinc mineral which seeds supply. Human body requires it to activate vital enzymes, which remain in inactive stage in absence of its mineral ions.

2) Seeds contribute in health improvement by boosting body immunity. Fiber in seeds cure constipation, improve gastro-intestinal system health. Seeds supply vital dosage of important vitamins like, B, E and C vitamins.

3) Seed consumption improves skin texture, make your skin absolutely healthy, cures female reproductive system aliment like menorrhagia and also makes your weak scalp hair healthy and strong.

4) Seeds also got vital dosage of antioxidants, which too have proven their time

and again worth in preventing infections and inflammatory diseases from affecting human body.

5) Adequate vital prescribed amount of nutrients like proteins and minerals like potassium, phosphorus found in massive measure in seeds. Seeds precludes and cures deficiency diseases termed Osteomalacia, osteoporosis and other infectious diseases of bones. They too precludes myocarditis and imbalance of electrolyte and fluids.

6) Seeds are actually low glycemic snacks when in roasted form. They never let you grieve from diabetes, dyslipidemia and highly imbalanced level of cholesterol, impaired blood pressure levels and from excessive weight gain due to being rich in fiber.

7) Seeds are stock of polyunsaturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats in just that ample amount as plentiful human body necessities. Consequently, you got vital prescribed amount of both of these heart health sustaining unsaturated fats. As a result, they retain heart health, realm body weight with in healthy assortment, diminish diabetes risk, cut myocarditis risk, lessen joint disorders, reduce cardiac disorders and diminish arteriolar disorders.

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