Know Which Rice Recipe, You Should Eat, In Which Season?

There are different types of rice recipes in world, as much different religions are, there in world. With different cultural background, each religion’s people cook rice and consume rice differently; which gave birth to different rice recipes.
Know which Rice Recipe, you should Eat, in which Season?
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But question is, can we eat any rice recipes in any season or there is a particular season for a rice recipe? Well yes, some rice recipe’s consumption is not allowed, health wise in some seasons; but recommended more, in some other season, of year.

But, what is reason behind it?                                                                                                   

The reason is that your body’s thermal and nutritional needs, are different; for each season and if body is not supplied, with right nourishment or supplied with wrong nourishment; then it can imbalance, body’s naturally functioning system and cause disease.

1) Rice recipes, to eat in summer season-

Well reasons for,

restricted allowance of, different rice recipes; in different seasons, in general I have told you above. But, what is body’s thermal and nourishment necessities, in summer season; based on which, some specific rice recipes are allowed; for consumption, in summer season?

In summer season, body’s thermal necessities; require no extra, heat energy and hence, no extra fat nourishment necessities, required by body. And keeping this, fact in mind; the following types of rice recipes, are allowed for consumption in summer-

  • rice recipes, in which no butter or oil is used and
  • which are cooked by, boiling method and consumed with, curd or pulses; which sooth body and does not increase, body temperature.

2) Rice recipes to consume, in monsoon season-

Monsoon season is transition period, during which; neither summer is gone, fully nor has winter come, fully. It is mix of, both seasons. Some days of it, are little summary, some are humidity full and some are little cold, on rainy days.

So based on, temperature of environment; your body’s thermal and nourishment necessities, are decided and so do, the consumption of, particular rice recipe’s in monsoon season-

  • On summary and humid days of monsoon season- environment temperature is so high; therefore, body requires no extra fat, in these days. Result of which that rice recipes, cooked by; steaming or boiling method, are recommended for consumption, on these days.
  • But, on rainy days of monsoon season- environment temperature, is little low because of which; thermal requirements of, body are raised, very little. Therefore, you can add, little bit of butter or oil, in your rice recipes and can consume, rice recipes with; little frying touch.

3) Rice recipes, recommended for consumption, in winter season-


winter, as environment temperature, is extremely low; so body’s thermal and nourishment requirements, gets extremely increased. As a result, you can add, moderate amount of butter or oil; in your rice recipes. In short, fat that is butter or oil moderate addition, experimentation; is allowed in winter season, but not excess curd addition, in rice recipe in winter.



Is that you can consume, plain rice recipes; cooked with boiling or steaming method, with soothing curd, in summer. But in winter, you can experiment with; moderate butter or oil addition, in your rice recipes. And if, you want to mix both of these methods, with little soothing curd touch of summer and little buttery or oily touch of winter; then you can experiment, with those kind of rice recipes; in monsoon season, you can consume them in monsoon days.

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