Damage To Ozone Layer: More Human Diseases Started On Earth

Ozone layer, humans are damaging everyday with smoke of airplanes and nuclear experiments and not even realizing that in doing damage to ozone layer; they are incidentally increasing certain human diseases on earth, which were earlier not that much in existense.

Yes, there are certain human diseases, to which humans have given birth themselves; by starting damage of ozone layer. And, what is annoying that they are not stopping this ozone layer damage; instead, they are doing it every day with nuclear smoke and helicopter, aeroplanes smoke; even after knowing that it has started certain human diseases more on earth.

Which certain human diseases has started developing more on earth after ozone layer damage has started and continued even today by humans? These certain human diseases, which have started out after damage done to ozone layer by human beings are-

1) Skin cancer-


earlier there were no such huge number of cases of skin cancer caused by excess sun exposure. If any human being case found then suffering from skin cancer; then that case was not caused by excess sun exposure. Cause of skin cancer found to be something else then.

  • If any case found of skin cancer caused out of excess sun exposure by chance; then it would be rarely found in count of only one in country or one in state. But, now, the skin cancer human cases caused by excess sun exposure are multiplying in number; do you know what is fact behind it?
  • The fact is that ozone layer, which were protecting you from those ultraviolet alpha and beta rays coming in sunlight now; were earlier not allowed to pass beneath ozone layer and not allowed to reach on earth by ozone layer. But, now as human beings have broken this barrier shield of ozone, they their self have invited development of huge number of human skin cancer cases incidence more in number on earth.

2) Sun-burns-

Sun-burns cases recently has started

multiplying in number, whereas earlier they were not that much in number. And, it was investigated by scientists to find then cause; then one of the cause come parallel to it. Parallel to it means, since the sun-burns cases has started multiplying; since then that cause has started and even continuing today. But, what that cause is? That cause is ozone layer depletion, which humans are doing every day  and is letting sun-burns causing UVA and UVB rays to come more on earth.

3) Sun skin sensitivity disease condition-

Human cases are multiplying in number in category of skin sensitivity to sun. Yes, earlier although sun exposure work and walking was too much; but skin sensitivity to sunlight cases were not much. Do you know why? Because the sunlight falling on human skin was UVA and UVB proof, therefore sunlight was safe to human skin then. But, now as sunlight is not UVA and UVB proof; so damaging skin health system more; thus, making skin more sensitive to sunlight; to which it earlier were not that much sensitive. That is, its skin health system get damaged from sunlight excess exposure now; which earlier was not, as ozone layer filters sun skin sensitivity causing UVA and UVB rays then.

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  • superdog  20-09-2014
    Some modern forms of technology won't be turned down regardless of environmental damage and the potentially deadly effects on lives. Many wish to delude themselves into taking our planet for granted. That way of thinking could cause an end to humanity eventually.
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