Right Time To Eat Heavy And Less Heavy Meals

Well, balanced diet one should eat; this advice, I think everybody knows, from health awareness news very well. But, do you know, what instructions need to be followed; to make your daily diet a balanced diet? You would say, "A balanced portion of every nutritive element". No doubt, you are right here that your diet should contain, balanced proportion of every nutritive element. But, do you know that you are missing 1 instruction here?
Right Time to Eat Heavy and Less Heavy Meals
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And, what that 1 instruction is? Well, that 1 instruction is that all nutritive elements, do not need to be consumed in every meal of a day. There are combination of nutritive elements, which need to be eaten at specific time of a day. 2 such combinations are, heavy meal and less heavy meal. Do you know, when you should eat heavy meal and when less heavy meal? Let’s first talk about-

When you should eat Heavy meals?

As I said, there is 1 particular time of day; for eating, specific combination nutrition which make a heavy meal. It should not be

consumed, the whole day.

  • If one should not consume heavy meals, the whole day; then, when should? Well, as they supply lot of energy, when consumed; so they, should be consumed at that time of a day, when you require maximum energy. We need maximum energy in morning; as, at that time, we have no energy residue in stomach; after nature’s call. So in morning, in breakfast time of day; you need to consume heavy meal, to provide enough energy to body; for whole day.
  • So, that was concerning, when you should consume heavy meal. But, when one should not consume heavy meal? Well, as you have consumed heavy food in morning; so half energy of that, human body will finish, by afternoon; but half will be left, which will be not enough for rest of the half day. So afternoon meal, does not need to be heavy as in breakfast; it needs to

    supply medium energy; so, it needs to deliver only medium energy dose and does not need to be heavy meal. Afternoon meal, needs to be that; which falls in medium category meal; neither heavy nor less heavy.


When you should eat Less Heavy meal?

Now comes, when you should eat less heavy meal in a day-

  • Well, you should eat less heavy meal in a day; when your body will be going to resting mode, after meal. Which is that time of day; when body goes to resting mode, after meal? Well, it is mostly evening meal, after which; body will be going to resting mode, after eating meal.
  • And, when human body is in resting mode; it does not need a lot of energy. It needs, very less basic energy to keep body in, normal healthy functioning. And, that less basic energy, a less heavy meal can easily fulfill. So, consume less heavy meal in evening; before sleeping.

So, what is conclusion of this article? Conclusion of article is, consume heavy meal in breakfast only and less heavy meal in evening meal only and medium energy meal in afternoon.

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