Right Way To Remove Yellowing Of Teeth

Yellow teeth pose embarrassment situations, when person having them smile; that is why, everybody wants to rid of them; to avoid those embarrassment situations. Lot of advertisements telecasted these days on TV, promising to remove yellowing of teeth. But do not buy, any advertisement product blindly without cross checking, information on them from your doctor that is it right way to remove yellowing of teeth or not. So what is, right way to remove yellowing of teeth?
Right Way to Remove Yellowing of Teeth
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Right way is that, which removes yellowness of teeth without harming teeth and rest of the body. So is there, only 1 right way to remove teeth's yellow discoloration? No, there are more than one. And most of them, are natural or herbal ways; do not use any chemical bleach; these ways are as follow-                                                       

1) Snack on fruits, instead of snacking on deep fried snacks-

Yes, if you do not want, to get your teeth painted yellow, with yellow discoloration; then do not snack, too much on deep fried snacks because acid released by them, get digested by enzymes found in

saliva in month; finish white coloration of teeth and replace it with yellow.

  • So, if we cannot snack on them; then does that mean that leave snacking habit? No, you do not need to leave snacking habit.
  • You just need to replace, your snacking habit of, snacking on deep fried snacks with fruit snacks. Fruit contains antioxidants, which increase shine of your teeth; by maintaining white coloration of teeth.

2) Use fruit based tooth paste, to clean teeth-

But if someday, out of desire, if you snack on deep fried snacks; then what to do, in such situations, so that yellowing of teeth does not occur? In such case, do not forget to brush your teeth, after 2 hour of eating those snacks. So, this was solution tip to prevent yellowing of teeth, from snacking on deep fried snacks.

  • But is there, specific toothpaste, one need to use to brush teeth, to remove teeth yellowing? Well yes, there is a specific toothpaste for this purpose and that is herbal toothpaste, which is fruit based or natural ingredients based; which have teeth yellowing removing properties.
  • Do not use, any chemical bleach based toothpaste because they crodes teeth, instead of whitening them; weaken your tooth's skeleton.

3) Do not drink coffee, just before sleeping-

Yes, if you have habit of drinking coffee, at dinner time or before sleeping; then do not drink coffee, just before sleeping because it cause tooth yellowing.

  • But, if it is

    difficult for you, to leave this habit
    ; then make a habit of, sipping coffee at evening time, 4 hours before sleeping and brush your teeth, with herbal or fruit based toothpaste, before sleeping to prevent teeth yellowing.

4) Do not eat chocolate cookie, before sleeping-

Yes do not eat it, just before sleeping because it will not only cause tooth pain; but cream in chocolate cookie, also keep sticking on teeth and teeth enamel whole night; which weaken, teeth yellowing preventing teeth's immune system.

  • So do not eat them, just before sleeping; keep their eating schedule, either for morning tea time or evening tea time; but not consume them, just before sleeping.



Conclusion is that removing tooth yellowing, if can be done with herbal way; then why to be victim of side effects, of chemical based teeth yellowing removing ways, which has so many side-effects.

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