Some Health Benefits, Which You Cannot, Even Think Of That Parachute Summer Fresh Moisturizer, Provides

Have you used Parachute summer fresh moisturizer? If you are using it, to moisturize your skin, in summers and think till now that it has only this 1 health benefit, of moisturizing your skin in summers; then let me correct you, that it is the not only benefit, which it provides.

Along with moisturizing your skin, it provides you lot of health benefits; the list of which, I will tell you in my review on Parachute Summer Fresh moisturizer; which I will give in rest of this article.

Top 5 health benefits, which Parachute Summer Fresh Moisturizer provides

Top 5 health benefits, which Parachute summer fresh moisturizer provides; improves health standards of humans, from bad disease condition to good health condition. So, the list of top 5 health benefit, which this summer fresh moisturizer; from house of Parachute brand, containing

peppermint and coconut provides are-

  • 1st benefit- as told above, in teaser of article, is skin moisturization. It contains, the exact amount of moisturizer that much human skin requires, in summer; neither more nor less.
  • Thunder, coolness to skin- which it provides, through peppermint it contains. Without cooling effect, it becomes headache; to apply moisturizer, in summer. So coolness delivery of, this moisturizer; solved the problem of, sweating from applying moisturizer, in summers.
  • 3rd benefit- it provides is that it improves skin texture, of your skin; by removing dehydration, caused in summer and also by making skin, silky and smooth.
  • 4th health benefit- which it delivers, is that it removes sun-tanning, caused from sunlight on skin and hence removes, dark circles from your skin; which are caused out, of sun-tan; caused from, excess sun exposure in summers.


But, there is 1 health benefit, which you cannot even think that it can deliver-

Yes, there is 1 health benefit, which you cannot even think of, that it delivers and that health benefit is, its 5th health benefit; which it delivers. And, that 5th health benefit is that-

  • Treats eye pain- Yes, it treats eye pain, when you massage it; on outer skin surface of your upper eye lids. I have personally witness, it’s this miraculous benefit; in removing eye pain of, one of my family member.

On 1 night, my mother's

eyes were paining, very much. I gave them medicine for it in day, as she was complaining of eye pain in day too. So, as I have already given them 3 doses of medicine, one in morning, second in afternoon and third in evening; so can't give her 4th dose, of medicine because then it will, become over dose.

  • But, her eye pain was so much that can't see her like this, in awful eye pain; but also can't repeat, 4th dose of medicine. Then, I applied a little of this Parachute summer fresh moisturizer, on outer side of her eyelids and then done massage of it and within 5 minutes, her eye pain was totally gone.

I thought of applying, summer fresh skin moisturizer, on her eyelids skin because I once used this moisturizer, on skin of my eyelids; every night for a week and it then remove dark circles, around my eyes. Earlier I used, rose toner cotton swabs, for this purpose; but on that day, my rose toner was finished; so I used it. And, it gave marked results in it.

  • So I thought, why not use it on my mother's eyelids, for removing her eye pain and see what, it worked there too; removed her eye pain, markedly.
  • So now, whenever her eyes pain; she use to apply this Parachute summer fresh skin moisturizer, on outer side of her eyelids and get her eye pain resolved, within 5 minutes.
  • She is very satisfied with it; as it is easy to use and also remove her eyestrain problem, from excess fine eye work and from excess sun exposure.

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