In Summer Season, Which Is Better Plain Water Or Something Else?

In summers, there happens lot of perspiration and so does, lot of thirst occurs because of dehydration, caused by excessive perspiration. But, out of thirst quench, people do one mistake, of drinking plain water. Why drinking plain water is called mistake, over here? It is called mistake because it is not right, health wise that is, why one should not drink it, in summers. But, if one should not drink it, in summers; then what, one should drink?
In Summer Season, which is better Plain Water or Something else?
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Well, I will tell you, answer to both questions, one by one. First know, answer to first question-

Why drinking plain water, is not considered right, health wise in summers?

Plain water, is not recommended for drinking purposes, in summers because it is not considered right, health wise. But, why drinking plain water, is not considered right health wise? It is not considered right, health wise because of following reasons-

  1. Plain water does not contain any minerals, which can balance electrolyte balance; disturbed by dehydration, happening inside body in summers, out of excessive perspiration.
  2. Drinking plain water only restores fluid balance, but not electrolyte
    balance because of lack of mineral ions in it. But, the fluid balance, which it restores also get disturbed because of lack of mineral ions in it. Minerals play a key role, in maintaining human body fluid balance.


Then, drinking what is right, health wise in summers season, for drinking purposes?

Yes obviously, if drinking plain water is not allowed health wise, in summers for reasons given above; then there must be something, which is allowed health wise, to drink for drinking purposes. Yes obviously, there are lot of options to drink, for drinking purposes; some of which, you can drink by doing slight modification, in your simple plain water-

  1. Water containing a pinch of black salt- Yes, drinking plain water is not allowed, health wise in summers; but there are no restrictions, to water containing a pinch of black salt. Pinch of black salt, adds mineral ions; to plain water and turns it, from plain water to mineral water; which can balance, both electrolyte as well as fluid balance.
  2. Any vegetable juice- Yes vegetable juice, of any vegetable or one to two vegetables you can drink in summers because they not only contain

    electrolyte and fluid balance, balancing mineral ions; but also contain, other vital nutrients.
  3. Water containing a spoon of lemon juice- Yes you can turn, your plain water into mineral water; not by just adding a pinch of salt, but you can also add a spoon of lemon juice. Adding a spoon of lemon juice, to plain water; turn it into dehydration remover, mineral water.
  4. Any herb juice- Herb juices not only removes dehydration, by balancing electrolyte balance; but also supplies, sunstroke healing nutrients, which are needed very much in summers, to treat and beat sunstroke.
  5. Water containing a spoon of rose water- Yes you can modify, your plain water to a sunstroke healer; by adding a spoon of rose water in it. Drinking it, will not only treat sunstroke; but also maintain electrolyte and fluid balance, inside body.
  6. Water containing a spoon of Glucose powder- Mixing a spoon of glucose powder, into a glass of water; turn it into electrolyte and fluid balancing balancer, dehydration remover and immune system strengthen.
  7. Any citrus fruit juice- Drinking any citrus fruit juice, do the same functions; which water containing lemon juice, along with supplying, vital dose of vitamin C.

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