Top Health Harms Resulting From Misuse Of Gadget Mobile

Well every technology, which ever invented, first it invented out sometimes accidentally and sometimes invented knowingly because of main motive for which it was invented.

One such motive is emergency quick message service for which lot of quick technology for medical system were developed from time to time.

One such technology for this motive invented is mobile, so that emergency message can be notified to right person as early as possible. Examples, when such emergency message service is required are-

  • Most during serious disease attacks; for example, shock or heart attacks; and another example along with disease attacks is road accidents, when if you have mobile with you, then you can call ambulance with no time waste.
  • Another type of example when quick message service is required is,
    if you are job employee and if you want to convey some urgent message to your boss or your boss want to convey some urgent message to you, then that can be notified to you quickly if you have mobile, to complete that urgent work when needed.

But, it is always seen that whenever a technology is invented for benefit of human kind; most of the time human species use it less for purpose, for which it was invented and misuse it most of the time. Mobile is such device which humans use very less for emergency calls; but misuse it for various wrong purposes, which produce their own health harms.

Various ways humans misuse gadget mobile and health harms these ways produce are-

  1. First way- humans misuse mobile gadget is by playing pranks to someone by calling on their mobile just for fun. Sometimes, they do it knowing for fun and sometimes out of revenge. But, whatever be reason for which prank was done, if person on receiving end of mobile call is over-sensitive, then it harms his or her mind health. They can go into shock, depression, anxiety from prank mobile calls, if you consistently do such mobile pranks to them.
  2. Second way-

    humans misuse mobile gadget is that they sometimes calls others for no reason, although they have nothing to talk. They forget in their consistent calling habit that person on receiving end may be sleeping or busy somewhere. Because you quarrel with them to pick up your call every time, they does not switch off their mobile and because of this they develop a fear, if they won’t pick up your call, you will quarrel. By developing this fear in their mind, you have taken their peace of mind. So, this second health harm of loss of peace of mind, which leads to consistent stress; whose harms on health is development of disease and decrease in body immunity. So, this 2nd health harm is very dangerous health harm, which produces lots of subsequent health harms.
  3. Third health harm is the rays which these mobile gadgets emits can produce harm to your health, if you always keep mobile either near to your chest in day in your pocket and near head during night in switch on mode. Keep it far from your head and your chest, when it is in switch on mode.

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