What Is Right Way To Consume Lemon?

Well, awareness for consuming lemon is always made again and again by doctors and dieticians through out year; but sometimes, people follow instructions on lemon consumption by their dieticians, doctors and sometimes not.

Those who follow their doctor or dietician’s advice on consumption of lemon; they have their health benefits. But, problems in gaining health benefits of lemon starts, when some people, who want to consume lemon on doctor’s advice; but, it does not get digested and cause sometimes throat problems and sometimes tooth problems.

But question is, why it causes tooth problems or throat problems; when its main benefit is that it cures tooth and throat problems? It occurs when, people does not consume lemon right way. And, what is right way of consuming lemon?

Well, it varies with age group and customized according

to that; as some age group, for example, young teenagers and adults have no problems form consuming lemon; instead, they have benefits from consuming it; but old age people or who are in their forties approaching old age, face problems from consuming it.

So, does that mean old people should not consume it? No, they should consume it; but should consume it right way. So, what is right way, in which lemon should be consumed; if you have history of facing body problems from its consumption? Well, I am describing below, the various forms in which lemon can be consumed and which form consumption suits to which age group-

1) Lemon in pickle form-

Well, it suits to children, teenagers and adults; but does not suit to old age group above 60 years of age and also does not suit to those who are in age group of 40 to 50 years. Children, teenagers and adults enjoy full benefits of lemon from eating it in pickle form; but old age group above 40 and onwards have problem in consuming lemon pickle;

as it causes tooth or throat problems in them.

2) Lemon juice poured on salad-

It also suits to children, adults and teenageers; but does not suit age group above 40 years of age. The same story, as with lemon pickle.

3) Lemon water chilled-

Same story, as with lemon juice poured on salad and lemon pickle. It suits to all age groups, whether they are children, teenagers, adults; except age group above 40 years of age.

Well, if above forms does not suit to age group above 40 years of age; then which form suit? The form which suit to them is fourth form mentioned below-

4) Lemon water made with normal temperature water-

Yes, lemon water not chilled with ice-cubes; made with normal temperature water and not with cold water, suits to every age group and does not cause any problem to any age group on consumption. It is the form in which, if old age group above 40 years consume lemon; then, they does not suffer any throat or tooth problems. My mother used to have aggravation from above three forms; but, when she have lemon water in non-chilled form; she faced no problem. She discovered this form herself; and now employing it and enjoying health benefits from lemon this way.

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