In Which Form Food Seasonings Should Be Purchased From Market?

Which seasonings you should buy from market, grounded or non-grounded?

Food seasonings add flavor to food as well health nutrition; but earlier choosing food seasonings was easy from market, as they were available in one form in market and that form was whole form.

But, now as food seasonings are available in more than one form in market; so it has created confusion in minds of buyer to choose which form. So, in how many forms seasonings are available in market? Well they are available in more than one form and the total forms in which seasonings are available in market are two.

Then, what these two forms are? These two forms


  1. Non-powdered form food seasonings.
  2. Powdered form food seasonings.


  1. Non-powdered form food seasonings- are also known as whole form food seasonings or non-grounded food seasoning or non-refined food seasonings. It is available in market; but not easily because demand for second form is more in market, so that is easily available.
  2. Powdered form food seasonings- also known by another names grounded food seasonings, refined food seasonings. As, I said above it is easily available in market than first form because of its increased public demand from customers.

But, out of these two forms which one is best health wise? Which one you should purchase from market? Out of these two forms of food seasonings whole form food seasonings and powdered food seasonings, one should purchase whole form food seasonings because they contain extra benefits health wise and economically also. Whereas as grounded that is powdered food seasonings contain less benefits health wise and economically.

What are these health wise and economical benefits of whole form food seasonings has compared to powdered form food seasonings? They are told in brief below; but they are explained in detail in next article- Top 4 benefits of purchasing seasoning in whole form.

So, benefits of non-grounded, whole form food seasonings are-

  • Health wise benefits- a)
    They are fresher.

                                          b) More on nutrition.

  • Economically benefits- a) Saves money, not need to buy early as they last long.

                                            b) Cost effective, as they are not costly.

So, these were whole form food seasoning's health wise benefits as well as economical benefits.

But, do you know- Top 4 benefits of purchasing food seasonings in whole form?

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