Why Special Diet Needed In Exam Season?

Kids, their diet and their exams all are inter-related.

Question of article today is, why special diet needed in exam season? Why you cannot go with your normal regular diet? Why you need to make changes in diet during exam season? The main 5 reasons for it are as follow-

  1. Reason number one- The answer to this is that human body needs and human brain needs are not same in exam season; as they are in exam free season. Human body needs are increased more towards, for human brain; as mind work has increased during exam season and physical work has decreased due to more sitting.
  2. Reason number two- is that
    normal usual diet cannot suffice this changed body needs during exam season. So, due to changed body needs, diet has to be changed and has to be made suited to exam season. Mind work has increased during exam season from non-exam season. Exam season is limited frame. Before exam paper, there is pre-exam period; in which mind work is increased up to maximum. In this limited pre-exams period, you have to revise all the study material you have learned in whole study year.
  3. Reason number three- In exam season, this mind work is, in fact increased much more; because in exam paper you have to recall what you learned; which calls for good memory recalling and write in exam paper rightly; which calls for good literary skills which is also a kind of mind work. So, to suffice urgent improved special memory recalling needs and literary skills need in exam season is reason number third which only special foods improving these powers can suffice.
  4. Reason number four- Now, as you can

    see from above points, the mind work is increased both before exams in pre exam period and during exam in exam paper; from normal mind work of rest of each day of non-exam year days. This increased mind work beyond normal work routine can cause brain fag, dizziness, diarrhea, acute abdomen, fever or headache or eye pain; if you does not supply adequate nutritional supply through diet to tackle this stress and to tackle above symptoms; which increased mind work during exam season can cause. So, to save you from above symptoms is reason number 4 for upgrading routine diet to special exam diet in exam season.
  5. Reason number five- are specific nutritive elements whose demand is increased during exam season; which special diet can supply, not the daily routine ordinary diet. Which specific nutrients are they, that I will discuss with you in upcoming articles.

So, that was all about, why special diet needed in exams season for kids. But, do you know- What is Special Diet for Peptic Ulcer Patients, which helps in healing their disease?

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    Maybe having a balanced diet summarizes this article all but you have just break it down to specifications. Thanks for sharing.
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