Why You Should Give, Yourself And Your Family, Home Cooked Fast Food?

Yes it is often, advised that make fast food at home than buying ready made fast food, from market. But, have you ever thought, for a moment that why it is advised?
Why you should give, yourself and your Family, Home Cooked Fast Food?
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Well, why you should give, you and your family a home cooked fast food than readymade, is because of health differences which both of them have. But, what are these health differences? Well, what are the health differences that I will tell you below, in rest of the article; but before knowing, those health differences; first know, one thing regarding them; that these health differences, can change health standards, of your health to great extent.                                                 

How consuming home cooked fast food, can change your health standards and what health difference they have from market made fast food; both are told below,

side by side in following points-

1) Nutritional control is in your hand-

Yes, by making fast food at home, nutritional control of fast food, is in your hands because you can make it healthy; by altering some ingredients in it, which boost your health.

  • Yes, you can customize your fast food, at home; by adding nutritional ingredients in it, which sometimes certain fast food shops, do not do and say, "We can't change it for 1 customer".
  • But, at home, you have this customizing option; when you are making homemade fast food.

2) Hygiene control is in your hand-

Yes, hygiene control is in your hand; when you are making homemade fast food. Yes, there are very rare fast food shops, whose cook follow this norm. But, when you are making fast food at home; then you can make hygienic and healthy homemade fast food.

  • This hygienic facility, sometimes is not available at some fast food shops; when there are lot of customers to serve; then they cook whatever they get; whether it is hygienic or non-hygienic; whether their utensils are hygienic or not and whether there hands, with which they cook; are hygienic or not or contain some contaminating stuff.

3) Taste control is in your hands-

Yes, it is 3rd health difference,

which is between homemade fast food and readymade fast food. Yes, when you are cooking your fast food at home; then anything you like more, in your fast food in more quantity; you can add more of it at home. This facility, sometimes certain fast food shops, do not provide.

  • There, if you want to have anything extra, in your fast food; then you have to place a special advanced order, for it in advance and also has to give, certain money in advance.
  • Whereas at home, not only taste meter, but also nutritional meter and hygienic meter, all of them; are in your hands, you can customize all of them, to raise your health standards. Whereas unhygiene and less nutritional, readymade fast food of market; can decrease your health standards.

So that's why, you and your family should consume, homemade fast food and not outside readymade fast food. But do you know- How much Quantity of Fat, you should add in Food, according to Each Season of Year?

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  • ashutoshd dwivedi  30-01-2015

    it is good for the health and well explained in the fast food that are served outside may give begative implications but at the home prepared,it is well and quite good.

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