3 Easy Foot Health Care Steps Along With Sub Steps Of Countless Benefits

Foot care, pedicure, foot spa, whatever you do yourself or get done from your beauty helper, for example beautician; aim of all these 3 are to replenish your foot health. Foot care is most often omitted or forgotten by everybody or most people; just like some Indian families forget to take care of women health in India.

Foot care is very vital for optimum foot health; then whether you do this foot care in form of foot spa or pedicure or in form of simple foot care steps at home. So, here goes foot care journey, which if you do once in month, then it will give you back vital foot heath. And, this journey consists of following easy foot health care steps, which give you countless beneficial foot health results, which you usually have with either pedicure or foot spa.

There is small difference of one to two or three steps between foot care, pedicure and foot

spa; all health benefit results of which these following easy foot health care steps cover without any trouble.

And, these 3 easy foot health care steps with their sub steps are-

1) Number one, foot hygiene-

Yes, number one step comes foot hygiene; only then you can carry on with next foot health care step. It is crucial foot health care step; because if you do next steps without doing this crucial step, then it is like you are throwing efforts done in next two steps in dustbin. Yes, it is very important that before you move on to next second step; first you do first step of maintaining foot hygiene. Well maintaining foot hygiene is not a big bouncy task. It is very simple and includes following three sub steps implementation some of which you need to follow weekly and some daily-

  1. First is, normal bath cleaning daily- Yes, normal foot cleaning with soap and water you do in regular every day bath is very easy. Only thing to be taken care is water should be skin friendly according to weather. Normal clean tap water in summer and monsoon and lukewarm water in winters is best according to weather.
  2. Second is, special mineral foot cleaning weekly- Yes, it needs to be done only once a week; as you are already doing daily foot bath cleaning. What to do in mineral foot cleaning? Nothing big, just take lukewarm water in small tub, in which you have added a pinch or 1 teaspoon
    of salt and juice of 1 lemon. Let your feet rest in this special mineral water for about 20 minutes or half an hour and then see what a wonderful foot health results it gives.
  3. Scrubbing weekly- Scrubbing is third sub step, it needs to be done also weekly, just like second sub step is done weekly. Only after doing mineral bath step, do this scrubbing step. For scrubbing dead skin cells, I recommend you walnut foot scrub for efficient foot cleaning results. Do foot scrubbing for at least 5 to 10 minutes with walnut foot scrub and then wash feet with clean lukewarm water.

2) Foot moisturization-

After you have done above first foot health care step with its 3 sub-steps, then do this second foot health care step of foot moisturization. Human feet require deep moisturization, so moisturize your feet after above first foot health care step and its 3 sub-steps with cocoa butter. This step you need to do weekly as well as daily.

  • Do it weekly after- above completing first foot health care step with its 3 sub-steps and
  • Do it daily after- 1st sub step of 1st foot health care step.

3) Foot nutrition foot pack-

Third foot health care step after second foot health care step of foot moisturization is of foot pack; which you need to do once in a week. Apply herbal fruit based foot pack on both feet for about 45 minutes of an hour, then wash feet and seal effect of this third foot health care step with coconut oil massage after foot pack removal.

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