How Can You Keep Your Abdomen Healthy?

Healthy abdomen calls for a great effort on your behalf. Because, if you keep on doing those abdomen health injuring disgusting things, then nothing can keep you save from repeated incidences of abdominal disorders inside your human body. There is set of things, a kind of abdomen health habits basic to do every day, so that, you can live with healthy abdomen free of any disease.

Now, question is, how can you keep your abdomen healthy? And, what these things are that are must to be done every day? This 8 abdomen health habits, which you need to do on regular basis each day, if you want your abdomen healthy, working perfect way and these abdomen health keeping habits are-

  1. First, always cook your food in clean utensils and food material which is to be cooked should be microbes free, that is, it should not be spoiled, rotten, infected in raw state. Always use fresh and infection free food raw material and do wash it before cooking.
    But, do not over wash it because that will also flush out all its water soluble nutritive elements. Only wash just once, sufficient to wash out any dirt present on cooking material but do not over wash.
  2. Always, yes include whole grains, whole pulses, fresh vegetables, milk, clean water and monounsaturated fatty acids or rich polyunsaturated fatty acid rich or omega fatty acid rich fat during cooking. Never used polished or refined or processed food variety.
  3. Never forget to add bowel regulating roughage content to your food which add fiber to your food, which you can have from your salads, curd mixed fruits and vegetables. But, that roughage too should be added from fresh raw material; not from spoiled, bacteria, fungus or contaminated material.
  4. Protein needs to be special corner in your daily diet chart to repair damaged abdominal tissue, mucosa and to supply enzymes. Proteins are easily available, no hectic search needed for them; found in milk, pulses and cheese. They are also found in fish, chicken; but do not eat chicken as that contain too
    much fat.
  5. Which fat or oil you need to use in eatable food that I have already discussed in point second. Occasionally have juices and regularly have green tea. Morning breakfast needs to be heavy than lunch, but as day passes by lunch needs to be smaller than breakfast and dinner should always be light.
  6. Snacks should be hygienic and never be too much fatty or buttery and always eat food in hygienic plates or utensils.
  7. Drink clean, hygienic, microbe free water and avoid daily outside food consumption. If you have to eat outside, then go for hygienic food outlet or store.
  8. Do not sleep or work immediately after eating food. Give half an hour break before going for sleeping after eating food for proper digestion of food. Never eat or drink immediately after working, exercising, you need to give yourself half an hour break for arteries to relax which are pumping blood at high speed.

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