Can We Drink Jal Jeera In Summer Season?

Well, it is always advised by doctors and health experts, to drink healthy drinks. But, question is that healthy drink list, is customized according to different season? Well yes they are.
Can we Drink Jal Jeera in Summer Season?
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Today, we will discuss 1 such health drink named, "Jal Jeera". Now question is, under which season's health drink list, this Jal Jeera comes?

Well, this health drink named Jal Jeera, is included in summer season's health drink list. Yes, it is recommended in summers because of benefits, which it provides, are needed most in summers. Then, what are these benefits, which are needed most in summers and which Jal Jeera able to provide? Well, they are given below, one by one-

1) Natural coolant in summers and electrolyte and fluid balancer-

Yes, in scorching heat of summers, we want cooling stuffs every

second; to stop effect of scorching heat and rapidly happening excess perspiration, caused out of heat of summer season. In such kind of situations; jal Jeera comes of great help because it being natural coolant.

  • And, benefit of its being natural coolant is that it has no side effects; instead, it has side benefit of electrolyte and fluid balance; which it do in body, along with giving natural coolness.

2) Natural body detoxifier in summers-

Yes, Jal Jeera is also natural body detoxifier; as it is made from all those natural ingredients, which are natural body cleanser; which clears toxification out of body and hence, make it a natural detoxifier. Peppermint, coriander, ginger and black salt used in it, are natural body cleansers; which make it a natural detoxifier.

3) Natural nutritional supplement in summers-

Yes, jal Jeera along with being natural detoxifier and natural coolant and electrolyte balancer; it is also a natural nutritional supplement too, because it supplies certain special minerals, like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, manganese and zinc too, which help in maintaining body's nutritional supplement dose and that too, naturally without any side

effects; which artificial nutritional supplement has.

4) Natural digester in summers-

Yes, peppermint, ginger and coriander paste used to make jal Jeera; you all know, has strong digestive properties; which make it natural digester too. So, whenever you experience certain digestive problem in summers; then in those days, drink it after 1 hour of eating your meal; it will cure your that digestive problem within minutes.

5) Natural appetizer in summers-

Yes in summers, it often happens that appetite for food decreases; but minimum appetite should be there, to consume at least some food; to keep body functioning. So, if you are facing loss of appetite episodes this summer; then drink Jal Jeera this summer in morning; it will restore your lost appetite within seconds.

6) Natural disease healer in summers-

Yes, in summers, constipation episodes are common; as less meal is consumed in summer. But, vomiting and dehydration episodes are common; due to fluid imbalance, caused by excessive perspiration in summer. Fever episodes are also very common, during summer season; due to sun-stroke.

  • Lot of disease problems attack body in summers; but there, is one solution of all of them and that is Jal Jeera; as it is natural disease healer too because of healing properties, it got from its natural ingredients like peppermint, ginger and coriander juice used in it.

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