Which Fruits Are Seasonal Fruits Of Winter And Summer?

In last article, I told you, why one should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and should not eat non-seasonal fruits and vegetables. But, health task does not end here by taking pledge that you would eat seasonal fruits and vegetables from now onwards. Completion of this health task of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and turning this pledge into reality can be done only; when you know, which are seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables and which are not?

If you know, which are seasonal fruits and seasonal vegetables of which season; then it is well and good, you can easily complete health task of turning your pledge of eating seasonal fruits into reality. But, if you do not know; then, this article will tell you about, which fruits are seasonal fruits of summer and winter.

And, which vegetables are seasonal vegetables of summer and winter that I will tell you in next article. So, here comes-

List of fruits which are seasonal fruits of summer-

Yes, first I will tell you seasonal fruits of summer-

  1. Mango- Yes, first comes mango, favorite
    of many and king of all fruits is seasonal fruit of summer.
  2. Papaya- Second comes papaya, which is favorite fruit of skin conscious people. This fruit, which is very good for skin, is second fruit in list of seasonal fruits of summer.
  3. Peach- Peach fruit comes third in list of summer’s seasonal fruits. It too, like papaya is very good for skin; but also very healthy for eyes.
  4. Pear fruit- Pear fruit is fourth fruit in list of summer’s seasonal fruits list and is vitamin C and fiber full.
  5. Sweet lime and Lychee- Sweet lime (known in India mosambi) and Lychee (known in India as Litchi) are fifth and sixth fruit in list of summer’s seasonal fruits; very rich in vitamin C and A and very juicy.
  6. Watermelon, Yellow melon and Grapes- are 7th, 8th and 9th fruits in list of seasonal fruits of summer season. Grapes, no doubt, these days available in November in India; but they are not seasonal; they are non-seasonal and grown by artificial means in non-seasonal environmental conditions.
    In actual, grape is a seasonal fruit of summer.
  7. Similarly, Guava, banana and Blackberry- Guava known in India as Amrood and blackberry known as Jamun in India; both of them summer’s seasonal fruits and banana too is summer’s seasonal fruit. No doubt, banana is now available, these days in every season; but, in actual, it is seasonal fruit of summer season.


List of fruits of winter season-

This list is very small as compared to summer’s seasonal fruit list-

  1. Orange- vitamin C, A and beta-carotene rich fruit and 1st fruit in list of winter season’s fruits. It is very good for diabetics.
  2. Dates- 2nd fruit in list of winter season’s fruits and is very good for constipation victims.
  3. Apple- is doctor repelling fruit and is third fruit in list of winter season's fruit.

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